xFire 1.98


xFire è un programma totalmente gratis, indispensabile per i videogiocatori; infatti ci permette non solo di tener traccia dei nostri amici visualizzando tantissime informazioni come il gioco in cui sono impegnati, il server su cui stanno giocando ecc…, ma anche di comunicare con loro sia tramite chat che voce. Inoltre xFire monitora i programmi installati sul nostro pc e ci avvisa in caso di nuove patch o fix rilasciati.

Changelog della versione 1.98

  • Added an edit box on the Chat tab to join a chat room by name

  • Added the ability for admins and moderators of chat rooms to silence everyone else

  • Added a chat room option to not show user enter/leave messages

  • Fixed a problem with the Tools | Options | Broadcast option to only allow your friends to see broadcast

  • Fixed broken game join button on chat windows

  • Fixed looping problems when in a voice chat and then testing your mic in Tools | Options | Voice

  • Fixed a problem with launching some games on Vista with UAC enabled.

  • Fixed a video capture and broadcast problem that would record the wrong sound stream.

  • Updated some language strings for Swedish and Hungarian.

  • Added an advertisement on the chat room window. This is to support Xfire-hosted voice servers which will be live (*beta*) very soon.

  • New games supported:


Download Xfire 1.98