eMule 0.49b beta 2

emule 049b

Nuova Beta Release del noto client per files ed2k Emule;

ChangeLog della nuova release 0.49b beta2:

.: Added deleting of single entries from AutoComplete drop down lists by pressing the DEL key.
.: Added a new search method option “Automatic” which lets eMule choose which search method to use. eMule will select either Servers (Local) or Kad, based on which network we are connected to and some other indicators if connected to both networks.
.: Removed a general exception handler for the Beta version. This means eMule crashes instead of ignoring unexpected errors, which however is needed so we actually can find such bugs (if any exist) in the crashdumps.

Download eMule 0.49b beta 2 (installer)
Download eMule 0.49b beta 2 (stand-alone)